Town Board Monthly Meeting

Town of BlackCreek 
Monthly TownBoard Meeting Agenda

February 11, 2013

19.84(1) Notice of Town Board Meeting, County of Outagamie, Wisconsin
            The Town Board of the Town of Black Creek, Outagamie, Wisconsin, hereby provides its written notice and an agenda of the public meeting for Monday, February 11, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. with the public meeting of the Town Board to be located at the Black Creek Town Hall, N6051 Twelve Corners Road, Black Creek, WI.  The Town Chairperson or designee has provided communication of this public meeting by a posted meeting notice.


1.      Call to Order.

2.      Roll Call/Quorum Call.

3.      Verification of Public Notice by the Town Board.

4.      Approval of the Agenda.

5.      Approval of Prior Town Board Minutes by the Town Board.

6.      Report from Town Officers/Town Employees.

7.      Report from Town Committees/Commissions.  (optional)

8.      Public Comments.

9.      Specific Matters for Discussion and Possible Action by the Town Board in Open Session.

a        Sheriff Department

b        Town Hall

c         Roads– Resident requesting speed limit sign 15 mph on Robin Rd // Request for Ditches to be   
           Cleaned on Ballard Rd (Burma Swamp) // Stake Clearing Bid with Houle Enterprises // Weight Limits on

d        Setup  hearing dates- Freedom Development—Outstanding issues:  Comprehensive Plan Amendment
          needed before County Board can give final approval (hearing date was 1/31/2007) & Clayman Creek
          Storage zoning changes on map; Town Official Map Approval/Working Lands Requirements/Land
          Division-Subdivision Ord. // Response to rezone requests // Approval of Revised Zoning Ordinance
          changes – resend to DATCP with letter // Yearly Rezone Report due to DATCP by 3/1/2013      

e        CountyPreliminaryConsultation Checklist

f          Ordinance/Permit Violations–Kropp Rdditch filled in by resident

g        Permits Issued/Approvals(Building & Miscellaneous)


i)         Agreements— Tammy Stueber (2007), Jamie Rettler (2006)–$537, Jesse Howard (2005)  

ii)       Unkown Status– (need updates) -Vicki Waukechon (2008), Cynthia Silva $621.18 (2009), and
          Joseph Troiber $250 (2009)

iii)      Runs brought to attorney on 2/2011– Bridget Villareal (Bankruptcy?)  $604.05—no run
          paperwork received, Jacob Grieasbach (2009) $511.18, Danielle Hintz (2009) $377.00, Kevin
          Backhaus (2009) $626.18, Leah Beecher (2010) $250.00, Roberto DeLatorre (2010) $250.00, Rita
          Helser (2010)  $483.05, Margaret McKeever (2010) $125.00, Levi Spink (2009) $662.18,
          Perry Springstroh (2008) $56.97, Peter St. Thomas (2009) $150.00, Lucas Ziewacz  (2008)
         $416.25, Julie Merryfield $526.18 (Bankruptcy?)  – no run paperwork received; Town Ordinance
          needed for Fire Dept. to bill insurance companies for runs.

i          Ambulance runs received 2/2012– Mary Ann Nooyen (11/2010) $150.00, Thomas Beyer (1/2011)
          $609.95, Candy Jolly (4/2011) $652.18, Lisa Hodgins (3/2011) $421.79, Faith Roaik (5/2011) $682.44,
          Richard Prokash 9/2011) $520.00

j          Budget Resolutions 02/2013

k         February 19, 2013 Primary Election

l          Free Tire Recycling/Scrap Metal Day Date:  Spring 4/13/2013 and Fall 9/14/2013

m      Refinance Fire Hall Building Loan (joint with Village)

n        BOR Appeal to Wis. Supreme Court—Frank Sausen

o        Pete Hietpass–010-026800 Request for Garbage Refund

p        Review Licensing/Liquor Fees for 2013

10.Correspondence Taken Care of.                    

11.Treasurer’s Report on receipts, disbursements, checking, and money market accounts for totals.

12.Clerk Presents Bills and Transfers Money to Pay Bill.

13.Discussions and Possible Action on Specific Town Board Notice and Agenda for Upcoming Town Board

                                                                  Dated this 7th day of February 2013 Meeting Notice Posted.

                                                                           Signature of Chairperson or Designee