Planning Commission/Town Board Meeting Minutes

Town of Black Creek
Planning Commission and Town Board
Meeting Minutes


Wednesday, July 30, 2014                                  7:00 p.m.                                                 Town Hall

The Planning Commission and Town Board Meeting was called to order at 6:59 p.m. 

The following were present at the meeting:
Planning Commission members:  Norman Steffens, William West, Lee Lemke, Mike Garvey and Dan Knutzen. 
Town Board members:  Tom Neubert, and Dan Rettler.  Clerk Karen Herman.  Jeffrey Sanders with Community Planning and Consulting LLC and Ben Wildenberg a GIS Mapping Specialist working for Jeffrey Sanders was present. 

The agenda was posted according to the open meeting law on July 25, 2014 at the 3-posting places.

MOTION:  Garvey/West to approve the Planning Commission Public Hearing minutes on 6/30/2014.  All said aye.  Motion carried.

MOTION:  Lemke/West to approve the Planning Commission meeting minutes following the Public Hearing on 6/30/2014.  All said aye.  Motion carried.

a.)  Creation of Base Farm Track Map
Ben Wildenberg is currently working for Jeff Sanders as a GIS Mapping Specialist.  A proposal for the creation of the town’s base farm tract map was presented.  Large mapping will be outsourced.  By September/October Ben plans to be a contractor on his own.  Estimated cost was $870.00 for a base farm tract map.

Ben plans to contact OMNNI & Outagamie County for updates with the base farm tract map.

1)  Draw base farm tracts on map and give to Ben for exclusive agriculture parcels.

2)  Link our excel file to Ben’s file

3)  Ben will link the town’s exported excel file and the farm tract numbers into the map he creates.

The town’s new zoning ordinance has a 1 acre to 20 acre ratio (1 to 20 ratio).  This means that for every 21 acres of exclusive agriculture land, if 20 acres are maintained as exclusive agriculture, then 1-acre can have a non-farm residence built.  Up to 4 contiguous non-farm homes may be built on one farm tract.  Exclusive agriculture property is allowed to have a farm home on each farm tract where none exists.

There are no requirements by state statue to have a base farm tract map made.  The map will help the town keep tract of the 1 to 20 acre ratio and the 4 non-farm residence per base farm tract.  Once the base farm tract is created, it never changes.  The base farm tract is based on 3/28/2014 when DATCP (Department of Trade and Consumer Protection certified the town’s zoning ordinance and map).

Ben or Jason (from OMNNI) will contact the clerk once the parcel map is available for pickup at OMNNI.

Two or three people will get together next week to draw up the farm tracts.  Base farm tracts are sectioned off by owner.

Sanders indicated that all parcels have a zoning.

County sold approximately 14 acres on Hample Rd.  How is the property zoned?  Discussion took place.

b.)  Update the Comprehensive PlanSanders discussed the issue that the town’s comprehensive plan needs to be updated once every ten years or by 3/2015.  The comprehensive plan needs to be updated to show new ordinances.  Currently we share our comprehensive plan with the Village.  Discussion took place as to having our own comprehensive plan.  The town board will need to decide if the comprehensive plan should be updated by Sanders but it’s the Planning Commission who takes care of the process.

c.)  Work on getting parcels back to original zoning, public hearing, County approvalDiscussion took place with having 2 or 3 Planning Commission members work on getting the list together at another time.

MOTION:  Garvey/West to adjourn at 8:47 p.m.  All said aye.  Motion carried.


                                                                                             Karen Herman, Clerk
                                                                                             Town of Black Creek