Town Board Monthly Meeting Minutes


Monday, February 9, 2015                                      7:00 p.m.                                            Town Hall

The Board of Supervisor’s meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. 

Officials present:  Chairman Dan Knutzen, 1st Supervisor Dan Rettler, 2nd Supervisor Tom Neubert, Treasurer Jeri Ohman, and Clerk Karen Herman. 

Others present:  Deputy Sheriff John Schuette was present to discuss town issues (left at 7:12 p.m.); Steve Swanson, Outagamie County Deputy Zoning Administrator, was available to discuss Joachim’s field situation and to answer zoning questions; Resident Kirk Joachim was here to discuss his conditional use permit situation (left at 7:26 p.m.); and Resident Michael Garvey was observing the Town Board meeting.

The agenda was posted according to the open meeting law on February 5, 2015. 

MOTION:  Rettler/Neubert to dispense the reading and approve the January 12, 2015 Town Board Audit Hearing Minutes as printed.  All said aye.  Motion carried. 

MOTION:  Rettler/Neubert to dispense the reading and approve the January 12, 2105 Town Board Monthly Meeting Minutes as printed.  All said aye.  Motion carried. 

Building Permits:         
#1 – Clint Glaser – Garage with electric
#2 – Dwight LaMarche – Remodeling without electric or plumbing


a.)  Sheriff Department– Deputy Sheriff John Schuette was available to discuss town issues.

b.)  Kirk Joachim Needs Town Board Approval to Get a County Conditional Use Permit and Site Plan
       Approval for Dredging Ditches on His Property, Parcel #010 005700; Steve Swanson, Deputy Zoning
       Administrator, will be available to discuss the Joachim Issue and Explain County Zoning
– Kirk needs a
       conditional use permit from the County for the dredging of ditches on his property.  The site plan was
       available for the board and returned back to Kirk.  Since his property is located in the flood plains with
       hydric soils, a conditional use permit is needed before work began.  According to Steve Swanson, there
       is no relaxation with late fees because the incentive is to get the permits on times, so no late fees are

       MOTION:  Rettler/Neubert approve the conditional use permit for dredging of ditches for Kirk Joachim. 
       All said aye.  Motion carried.  Clerk signed paperwork, made a copy and returned the forms to Kirk.

       Discussion took place with Swanson regarding the property across from Romy’s on County Rd A
       (previously the Black Creek Sportsman Club).  The storm water and erosion control part, the County
       need to take care of.  The County will need a site plan–Commercial Building (impervious of the building
       and run off) from Tom Trinkel.  Hample Rd/County Rd A vision problems were discussed.  The Town will
       determine the variance set back approval.


c.)  Computer Upgrade for TreasurerThe Treasurer will be checking into a computer upgrade.

d.)  Treasurer’s Report on receipts, disbursements, checking, and money market accounts for totals
       Treasurer reported that the town did not receive 2 personal property tax payments from Dish Network
       and BC Garden and Gift this year.  She will be sending out letters for payment collection.  Treasurer reported that
       one personal property tax collection was not received from last year so she will

      be collecting the distributed payments through the charge back process.  Name on the personal
      property account was not mentioned.

e.)  Clerk Presents Bills and Transfers Money to Pay BillMOTION:  Rettler/ Neubert to transfer $423,500.00 to
       pay/approve the bills, accept the treasurer’s report.  All said aye.  Motion carried.   

f.)   Matt Wilcox Public Hearing 2/16/15 8:00 p.m. – N6484 12 Corners Rd, Parcel #010-029101, CSM Split and
      Rezoned to General Agriculture, Public Hearing 2/16/15 8:00 p.m.
Discussion took place.

g.)  Tire and Scrap Metal Collection Day:  April 18, 2015 and September 19, 2015Discussion took place.

h.)  Board Room CabinetsTabled until the next board meeting.        

        Concrete Filled in at Front DoorTabled until the next board meeting.

        Floor Stripper & WaxDone.  The town hall floor was waxed by Dan Rettler and Tom Neubert.  They did
        an absolutely wonderful job!!  Thank you for all the hard work guys!  What a shine!

        Projector Pull Down ScreenThe clerk is to look for a manual pull down screen.

        Website UpdatesThe clerk has updated the website and shared the revisions with the board.

i.)  Roads–Status of Culvert on Krueger Rd in Front of Norman Steffen’s Home—Field Tile is Lower than the
–Culvert situation will be checked this upcoming spring.  Tabled until the next board meeting.

      Cleaning Cross Rd Culvert South of Bissing on 12 Corners RdWaiting until spring.  Tabled until the next
      board meeting.

      Plowing Agreement with Town of Center Nothing done.  Take off agenda.

      Neubert discussed purchasing the following signage:  1 address sign on County Rd PP, 2-dip signs,
      4-bump signs, 4-ahead signs, and 2-reserved parking signs.

      Knutzen reported that he received a quote for $750 from Brian Gruendemann to repair the ditch from an
      accident which occurred on 12 Corners Rd.

      Knutzen reported that Brian Grundemann will be using a wing brush cutter to keep the ditches cut down
      this winter.  This will help prevent the snow from drifting.

      On Kropp Rd by Schmoll’s property there is a pot hole which needs to be filled.     

j.)  Planning Commission – Land Division-Subdivision Ord.Take off agenda.        

     Creation of Base Farm Tract MapTabled until the next board meeting.

     Updating the Comprehensive Plan Update Meeting with the Village of Black Creek 3/30/15 at 6:00 p.m. at
     the Town Hall
The meeting is all set.

 k.)  Permits Issued/Approvals/Violations (Building & Misc.)
      #1 – Clint Glaser – Garage with electric
      #2 – Dwight LaMarche – Remodeling without electric or plumbing

     Cynthia Silva $621.18 (2009); Jacob Griesbach (2009) $436.18; Candy Jolly (4/2011) $652.18;
     Lisa Hodgins (3/2011) $0; Faith Roaik (5/2011) $682.44; Richard Prokash (9/2011) $520.00;
     Jason Vanderwegen $326.50; Lisa Kehl $630.00; Jennifer Krause $430.91; Cody Plaster $714.25;
     Melvin Greyhair $0, Chelsey Keller $797.50, Tyler Schulz $766.50
Received final payments from Lisa Hodgins and Melvin Greyhair.
      Town Ordinanceneeded for Fire Dept. to bill insurance companies for runs
      Tabled until the next board meeting.

       Discuss Ambulance Auditing/Bill ProceduresCash Flow Year End Report received from BC Rescue
       Service.  Take off agenda.

m.)  Town Attorney—Review the Zoning Ordinance and Map; Ordinance Amending the Town’s Zoning
       Ordinance and Zoning Map to comply with the new Farmland Preservation Requirements and to
       maintain consistency with an updated Outagamie County Farmland Preservation Plan
       Clerk presented the zoning ordinance with the attorney changes.  Knutzen said that the attorney
       changes should be brought up at the 2/16/15 Planning Commission meeting.

n.)   County Preliminary Reports or Certified Survey Map (CSM) approvals—Wilcox 010-029101
        Public Hearing for Wilcox will be 2/16/15 at 8:00 p.m.

o.) Budget Resolution 02-2015         


      The sum of $1,798.00 from the Election budgeted account be transferred to the budgeted category
      Attorney/Legal to pay the bills.

      Roll call vote:  Neubert—Yes; Rettler—Yes; Knutzen—Yes     3=Yes and 0=No

p.)   Ryan Rohan—Hwy 54 Recycling Compliance Letter– Knutzen will be contacting the town’s attorney to
        send Rohan a letter.  Clerk made copies of the documents for Knutzen and emailed the documents to
        the town’s attorney.

q.)  Review Licensing Fees – Board reviewed the licensing fees.  No changes made.  Clerk will contact the
       ACN/Times Press to verify the cost for legal notices.

Correspondence taken care of.

The 2/17/15 Primary Election for the Town of Black Creek will take place at the Shiocton Village Hall.  Shiocton School Referendum is on the ballot.

Total bills for February:  Fox Communities = $423,210.96                           
List of February bills are attached.
MOTION:  Rettler/Neubert to adjourn at 9:10 p.m.  All said aye.  Motion carried.

                                                                        Karen Herman, Clerk
                                                                        Town of Black Creek


The next Monthly Town Board Meeting will be
Monday, March 9, 2015 at 7:00 p.m.