Monthly Town Board Meeting Minutes



Monday, September 16, 2015                                      7:00 p.m.                                            Town Hall

The Board of Supervisor’s meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m.

Officials present:  Chairman Dan Knutzen, 1st Supervisor Dan Rettler, 2nd Supervisor Tom Neubert, Treasurer
Jeri Ohman (left at 7:37 p.m.), and Clerk Karen Herman.  Michael Garvey was observing the meeting.  Bernard Ferguson with Black Creek Community Church was present to discuss a sign placement question (left at 7:05 p.m.).   Everyone received a copy of the agenda, financial statement, and the list of checks being approved for this meeting.

The agenda was posted according to the open meeting law on September 11, 2015. 

MOTION:  Rettler/Neubert to approve the August 10, 2015 Town Board Meeting Minutes.  All said aye.  Motion carried.    

Building Permits:         
#12 Lorraine Steffens – Agriculture Building with Electric

#13 Bruce Fischer – New House with Electric

#14 Bruce Baehman – Addition to House with Electric


Bernard Ferguson, representing the Black Creek Community Church, wanted to verify that a directional church sign would be okay to place in Bill Diermeier’s field located on State Rd.  The sign is pointing East on the West side of State Rd.  The board saw no objection to the sign being located in the field which is not distractive.

a.)  Sheriff Department– No one present.

b.) County Preliminary Reports or Certified Survey Map (CSM) approvalsNone received.

C.)  Treasurer’s Report on receipts, disbursements, checking, and money market accounts for totals from the
       previous month – 

Thomas & Debra Krsnich, County Rd P, did not respond to a letter sent regarding cashing their tax payment refund check from January 2015.  A response will be pursued via telephone.

d.)  Budget Resolution 08-2015

      BUDGET ACCOUNT      

       The sum of $1,665.00 from the 2015 New Equipment Fire Truck budgeted account be transferred to the
       budgeted category Road Maintenance to pay the bills.
       The sum of $1,462.00 from the 2015 New Equipment Fire Truck budgeted account be transferred to the
       budgeted category Planning/Zoning to pay the bills.
       Roll call vote:  Rettler-YES; Neubert-YES; Knutzen-Yes
        3=YES; 0=NO     Passed  

e.)  Clerk Presents Bills and Transfers Money to Pay BillsMOTION:  Neubert/Rettler to accept the Treasurer’s
       report, approve the bills, and transfer $58,600 to pay the bills.  All said aye.  Motion carried.   

f.)   Mike & Cindy Koller Division of Land to Build Home 010-029302Tabled until next meeting. 

g.)  Local Road Certification Packet Due 10/10/2015– Knutzen will be taking care of. 

h.)  Open Book 10/14/2015 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.; Board of Review 10/29/15 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.
       The Clerk will notify Borree Services to contact Dan Rettler as to the time the doors need to be opened. 
       Notices have been published and posted.                    
i.)  Town Hall –Board Room CabinetsTabled until the next board meeting. 

       Repair Air Conditioning UnitKnutzen will be contacting Bob Boucher, on Wick Rd, to look over the
      Town’s cooling system.  Clerk informed the Board that we will need Bob’s Certificate of Insurance.

New Storage ShedKnutzen will be contacting RJM (Ryan) for building ideas and cost. 

Ralph Volkman will be contacted regarding the water softener and issues with the 1st toilet not flushing.    
j.)  Roads–
      Ballard/Culbertson Rd Culvert – install new culvert with Radtke Contractors Inc.
Radtke is not interested
      in this project.  Brian Gruendemann will be working on this situation.

      Culvert Fallen in – Schimmelpfenning Rd Off of County Rd PP by First HomeTabled until the next
      Kropp Rd – Gravel on the Shoulder by the Road Curves – Tabled until the next meeting.

      W4820 Krueger Rd – Trees Trimmed in Right of Way – Tabled until the next meeting.

      Pot Holes on Town Roads – Brian Gruendemann taking care of.

      Purchasing Town Road Name Signs and Posts – Road name signs ordered.  Shipping will be $150.  Stop
      signs and arrow signs ordered too.

      Scott Construction, Inc. Projects –Seal Coat Forest Rd – complete.

      Intergovernmental Road Maintenance Agreement with Outagamie County– Declining, take off agenda. 

k.)  Planning Commission – Creation of Base Farm Tract MapTabled until the next board meeting.

      Official Zoning Map needed according to approved Ordinance #01-2015This Item has been on the
      agenda since March.  Knutzen will be checking with Jeff Sanders at Monday’s Planning Commission

      Future Comprehensive Plan Meetings – Monday, September 21, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. 

 l.)  Permits Issued/Approvals/Violations (Building & Misc.)

      #12 Lorraine Steffens – Agriculture Building with Electric

      #13 Bruce Fischer – New House with Electric

      #14 Bruce Baehman – Addition to House with Electric

       Clerk will email these new permits to our Building Inspector.


       New Building Driveway Permit – Lorraine Steffens

       MOTION:  Neubert/Rettler to accept the driveway permit for Steffens.  All said aye.  Motion carried.

       Clerk will send approved permit to Lorraine Steffens.
       Roman Thiel – Culvert Extension (New Permit)

       MOTION:  Neubert/ Rettler to accept Roman Thiel’s permit.  All said aye.  Motion carried.

       Shed Building Permit at N5800 County Rd PP (010-049701) looks like a Cabin

       Knutzen will be contacting our Building Inspector regarding this issue. 

m.)  FIRE/AMBULANCE – PAST DUE FIRE/RESCUE RUNS – Jason Vanderwegen $371.00; Cody Plaster $714.25;
        Chelsey Keller $797.50

        — Received $25 payment for Vanderwegen from Attorney.
        Town Ordinanceneeded for Fire Dept. to bill insurance companies for runsTabled until the next board
        meeting.   New Ambulance Run $749.25 Ann Marks – Tabled until next meeting.

Two new ambulance runs received – David VerVoort $200 and Stephanie Manka $200.  Clerk will send paperwork to attorney for collection. 

n.)   Ryan Rohan – Hwy 54 Recycling Compliance ResultsThe Town Board will be talking to the Town
        Building Inspector and Town Planning Commission.  The letter from our Town Attorney was reviewed. 

o.)   Wisconsin Towns Association Annual Convention October 25-27, 2015
        Rettler and Neubert Plan are attending.  Check will be prepared for next month’s meeting.  Clerk will
        notify the WTA to let them know of the registrations. 

p.)  Fall Workshops Including Budget and Finance 9/23/2015Chairman and Clerk will be attending.     

q.)   Review and Adjust the 2015 Town of Black Creek Fee Schedule – Will do during budget preparation. 

 r.)   2015 Pavement Ratings are due to WisDOT by 12/15/2015 – Tabled until the next meeting. 

 s.)   Work on Budget 10/21/15 at 6:00 p.m.; Budget Hearing 11/11/2015 at 7:00 p.m.—Fire Department will be
        working on their budget on 10/7/2015.   

  t.)   Fall Tire and Scrap Metal Collection Day 9/19/2015 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
        Neubert will be taking care of.

Discussion took place regarding the proper procedure with eliminating an address number.


Correspondence taken care of.

Total bills for September:  Fox Communities = $58,747.93                           
List of September bills are attached.
MOTION:  Rettler/Neubert to adjourn at 8:30 p.m.  All said aye.  Motion carried.


Karen Herman, Clerk
Town of Black Creek


The Next Monthly Town Board Meeting will be October 12, 2015 at 7:00 p.m.