Monthly Town Board Meeting Agenda

                                                                                       Town of Black Creek

Monthly Town Board Meeting Agenda
May 9, 2016



19.84(1) Notice of Town Board Meeting, County of Outagamie, Wisconsin

The Town Board of the Town of Black Creek, Outagamie, Wisconsin, hereby provides its written notice and an agenda of the public meeting for Monday, May 9, 2016, at
7:00 p.m. with the public meeting of the Town Board to be located at the Black Creek
Town Hall, N6051 Twelve Corners Rd, Black Creek, WI.  The Town Chairperson or designee has provided communication of this public meeting by a posted meeting notice.


1.    Call to Order.

2.    Roll Call/Quorum Call.

3.    Verification of Public Notice by the Town Board.

4.    Approval of the Agenda.

5.    Approval of Prior Town Board Minutes by the Town Board.

6.    Report from Town Officers/Town Employees.

7.    Report from Town Committees/Commissions.  (optional)

8.    Public Comments.

9.    Specific Matters for Discussion and Possible Action by the Town Board in Open Session.

a     Sheriff Department

b     Joey Tomazevic Parcel #010-004002 Would Like a Building Permit to Build a Home, Has a Driveway
        Easement with No Road Frontage Over the Trail

c     County Preliminary Consultation Checklist Reports or Certified Survey Map (CSM) Approvals:  Lois
        Volkman CSM Parcel #010-0784-00, 010-0781-00;
        Bruce & Karen Dietzen Preliminary Parcel #010-0566-01

d     Treasurer’s Report on Receipts, Disbursements, Checking, and Money Market
        Accounts for Totals from the Previous Month

e     Budget Resolution #5-2016

f       Clerk Presents Bills and Transfers Money to Pay Bills

g     Licensing: 
        Romy’s Nitingale LLC–“Class B” Liquor and Class “B” Beer License;
        Agent– Keith Romenesko; Operator Licenses–Dawn Balthazor, Melissa Niemuth, Allen Krause, Sandra             Kohl, Dawn Moore, and Daniel DeBruin. 
        Black Creek Sportsman’s Club, Inc.—Class “B” Beer License; Agent—Kyle Abel; Operator Licenses—  
        Thomas Brauer, Renee Miller, Jesse Beyer, and Thomas Bluma.

h      May 19, 2016 Open Book 4pm – 6pm and Board of Review (BOR) 6pm-8pm  

i       Town Hall –RJM Construction Pavilion Plans/Storage Shed

j       Roads
       –Ballard/Culbertson Rd Culvert—Install New Culvert

       –Kropp Rd – Gravel on the Shoulder by the Road Curves.
       –Crack Sealing Proposal
       –Road Signs on State Rd
       –Radtke Proposal – Road Repair
       –Scott Construction – Chip Sealing Kropp Rd

k     Planning Commission – Creation of Base Farm Track Map;
       Official Zoning Map Needed According to Approved Ordinance #01-2015;
       Draft Adoption Ordinance to Approve the Town and Village of Black Creek’s Updated Comprehensive

l       Permits Issued/Approvals/Violations(Building & Misc.)
        Right of Way permit – WE Engeries WR#3921837
        Culvert Permit – Brad Steward – Wood Rd
        Culvert Permit – Holly VanDeHei – Ballard Rd

       –Jason Vanderwegen $41.00
       –Chelsey Keller $797.50
       –David VerVoort $200.00; Stephanie Manka $200.00; Peter Keberlein $200.00
       –William Buelow $200.00; Jamie Nerious $200
       —Town Ordinance Needed for Fire Dept. to Bill Insurance Companies for Runs.

      –New Equipment Fire Truck, Board of Commissioners of Public Lands (BCPL) Loan  Application for a
         Municipal General Obligation Loan $285,536 for 5-year term and 
Resolution to Approve this Loan

      –MABAS Agreement
      –William Buelow $200; Jamie Nerious $200 New Ambulance Runs

n     Ryan Rohan – Hwy 54 Recycling Compliance Results

o     Additional Election Responsibilities for Clerk or Price Increase with the Outagamie County Provider
       Agreement—Absentee Ballot Tracking and Voter Registration in WisVote

p     Approve the Outagamie County Recycling & Solid Waste Grant Opportunity with Purchasing Recycling

10. Correspondence Taken Care of.

11. Discussions and Possible Action on Specific Town Board Notice and Agenda for
       Upcoming Town Board Meeting(s).                                                                                 

12. Adjournment.

Dated this 5th day of May 2016
Meeting Notice Posted.

                                Signature of Chairperson or Designee